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RE game collection + cosplay update

I felt like taking pretty pictures of my Resident Evil game collection 8D

Overall, what is missing is my RE4 game on GameCube which my brother took from me. Not that I mind that much...oh and I forgot to put RE:Gaiden on GameBoy Advance XD

and I don't have : RE1 on PS1, RE: Gun Survivor 1 and 2, RE: Outbreak 2 and.....I "technically" don't have RE:Deadly Silence on NDS. (I have it on a flash card :P )

I sadly bought the collector edition of RE5, which I still haven't played XD

You can also see the Japanese Collector Edition of Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles. Really nice package. I bought it since they didn't release a collector edition of the English version.

No, you're not seeing things XD I DO have 3 versions of Code:Veronica lol First one, being the GameCube version, first one that I bought. However, I had played at the original one on Dreamcast long before. Then, after, you can see the 5th Anniversary version on PS2, that comes with a demo of Devil May Cry. I bought it since it wasn't expensive XD

and finally, the original version in Japanese in that beautiful red casing! Man, I love it. I needed the original version anyway. But....after playing it again...it really feels empty comparing to the CVX version XD

I bought RE2 and RE3 on Dreamcast a long time ago :) Man, how many times did I play these two? XD I friggin' love them and I think it's about time I start some new RE2 games :)


I also want to talk about my new cosplay for this year's Otakon :)

I decided to do Claire's alternate outfit in the Battle Game of Code:Veronica.

That sexy outfit? XD Yes sir!

So far I don't have much done. I asked my friend to do the shorts and top cuz there's no way I would be able to do that myself XD

We found the right boots though!

Go-Go boots for the WIN!! XD

I also bought today a red and white umbrella from ebay 8D

Otherwise, I'm bringing back my Claire Code:Veronica-Darkside Chronicles outfit from last year, but with modifications :)

I'll have cowboy boots this time (even though you can't see them that much under her jeans), the collar of the vest will be straightened up and I'll try to find a better belt buckle :)

I also bought some kick-ass plastic uzis to go with that outfit! Cuz yeah, in CV, you can fire with 2 guns!!

<3 <3 <3

And that's about it for now :)