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Steve cosplay update - Wig !

After finally getting the wig caps I bought from eBay, I've been able to try on my new wig properly! (I bought a second wig, since I wasn't very satisfied of the first one....)

I read a tutorial on DeviantArt on how to properly put on a wig....and I tried to follow it the best I could!

For a first time it wasn't bad.

I took pictures of every step, so check it out :

This is me with my freshly cut and dyed hair ! I got them cut since I knew it would be easier to wear a wig. And since I'll cosplay Claire again at Otakon, I wanted them a bit shorter than last year...my ponytail was a tad too long last year ><

So, the first step was to curl your hair and pin them to your hair with bobby pins. Looks easy....and just saying, I'm really not good at doing my hair usually....so...let's see...

The front was relatively easy to do....


The behind was another story!! x_____X the person who did the tutorial said to do French braids if you have long hair....HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO FRENCH BRAIDS ALONE????? *rage*

I'll have to ask someone to make them for me, gaaah ><

THEN, the second step was to put on the wig cap!

SO PRETTY !!! >3<

And after that, let's put on the wig ! (still with my everyday make-up)

I....I look like Rebecca !! XD

Side view !

Other side! (LOL @ Shakahnna's Claire chibis staring at the camera XD)

After that, I removed my make-up and did another make-up test for Steve! I also put on the yellow shirt I bought, and an old denim jacket of mine (the jacket for the cosplay is far from being finished), so it looks weird, but this is the best I can do for now XD

Ooouuuuhhhh~~~ Smooth, smooth­~~ XD

Oh yes, he shines, the Burnside boy ! XD

Side view and technical problem: the wig was crushing my left ear...I mustn't have put it correctly...but it's weird since the other side was fine....I'll have to be careful next time x____X

I KINDA look like him in this one XD

Yep...I think putting a bit of eyeliner helps to make the eyes stand out even if you cosplay a guy. (oh and, please ignore the anime girls in underwear in the background ^^;; )


I like this one :3

Lost in thought....(I was actually trying to mimic his face from the Computer cutscene in DSC ;) )


Serious Steve is serious !!

Side view to show the earring (a new one, the first one was too big and too girly)


And that's it for the photos XD

I shall post more once I get other parts done (pants, vest, belt, etc)

Less than 2 months left....man, I can't it for it to be done!!


Re: Awesome!

Thank you hun!

Awww thanks ^^ yes, my blue eyes are standing out so much because of it! 8D
Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?