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Jun. 3rd, 2011


Steve cosplay update - Wig !

After finally getting the wig caps I bought from eBay, I've been able to try on my new wig properly! (I bought a second wig, since I wasn't very satisfied of the first one....)

I read a tutorial on DeviantArt on how to properly put on a wig....and I tried to follow it the best I could!

For a first time it wasn't bad.

I took pictures of every step, so check it out :

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Mar. 4th, 2011


Silent Hill/Resident Evil Crossover

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Feb. 26th, 2011


Decisions, decisions....

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Feb. 11th, 2011


Fanart WIP

I thought about showing some of the fanart/fancomic I'm currently working on :)

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Feb. 6th, 2011


Steve Burnside cosplay

I talked about it last year; my new cosplay for this year's Otakon will be Steve Burnside from Resident Evil Code:Veronica and Darkside Chronicles ! (actually doing his Darkside design)

I'm VERY hyped about it. I dunno if it's because of the cross-dressing or because I find it funny that people can think that I'm actually a guy XD (so far, I've been told that I do convincing boys XD)

And well, with Claire, Steve is my favourite character, so, that kinda helps XD I've loved the boy for more than 10 years. I just love his look. He's very different from the other RE male characters, since he's not part of a certain armed force. He's a prisoner and a civilian. So, his design is pretty cool and with Darkside, they made him look a bit more wild and punk-ish by making him wear a silver earring (left ear) and having a prisoner tattoo and his jacket collar popped.

So, now, with the progress of my cosplay. I hadn't done much, but today I took the time to look for things like the yellow shirt and accessories.

I'll post the official design picture from Darkside:

So, his outfit is composed of:

-Yellow shirt
-Prisoner short-sleeved jacket
-Camo pants
-Work/army boots
-Leather wristbands
-Prisoner chocker
-Semi-short ginger/brown hair
-Green eyes
-Silver earring
-Brown belt with bull skull buckle
-Codebar tattoo
-Submachine guns OR luger

So far, I have the wig (which needs to be cut), the yellow shirt, the silver earring, the buckle and the submachine guns. I have to commission the jacket and most probably the wristbands. I almost found the camo pants, but they were too tight (damnit!)

I took some pictures of what it looks like so far. (I was really lazy, did it in front of my bathroom mirror...sorry about that XD)

Check out my pics 8DCollapse )

Sep. 29th, 2010


Otakon 2010 pics (Saturday)

Time to post more pictures from my trip in Baltimore where I went to Otakon !! 8D

The Saturday, I was cosplaying as Claire Redfield again, but with her Darkside Chronicles outfit (Code:Veronica scenario). I had that cosplay last year, but I did some modifications on it, like changing the belt buckle (instead of a bull skull, it had a sort of floral design, more similar to the one she has in the game), I also had cowboy boots and the collar of the vest was straightened. I also made the ponytail lower (last year, it was higher, like in the original game). Overall, it was a more complete version of it. I had submachine guns to go with it as well :)

I was glad to wear it compared to the Battle Mode one XD more comfortable, but it was awful to wear that leather vest outside in the heat XD; I had a misadventure with a private photographer that I had contacted for a photoshoot. I didn't wait at the right place.....^^; so I waited like 1 frigging hour in the heat for nothing. And since I wasted her time like that, she sort of skipped me since she had other people to photograph. I was so upset and felt so stupid for waiting at the wrong place >< But I immediately met Hope and Sam after, so I got to hang out with them again and Hope was nice enough to take pictures of me instead ^____^ So, I'll show some of those nice pictures. I also took her in photo and Sam.

Okay, enough blah blah, I'll post the pics now:

We had the second Resident Evil photoshoot in the morning, so it was the first thing I did Saturday. There were less cosplayers that time. So, here's some random cosplayers.

OH NO! IT'S THE SMELLY BILLY !!! >________< That Rebecca cosplayer was there last year :)

It's okay Brad. Don't be afraid.


RE2 cast with smexy Claire cosplayers ;)

More awesomeness.

Noooo! Brraaaaadddd !! *goNemmygo!*

A better close-up >8D

Brad and Stalker-san! That guy in black (who was his character? no idea, probably a random and lame Umbrella employee) hit on me! Oh yes he did >< Goossshh....he heard me talk and was wondering about my accent and all, and from where I was coming from and he would look at me in awe and all (actually, he did that on Friday, when I was wearing my Umbrella outfit) good thing he didn't start stalking me for real @_____@

Code:Veronica cast ! YAAAAY!!! More cosplayers than last year XD

Oh shit, I'm being sandwiched by 2 Weskers >___<

Wait, wut? Alfred is actually...Alexia???? I don't get it @______@

Chris VS Wesker ! Oh man, that Chris cosplayer was making me laugh so much.... XD

...I think you know why XD!

Happy RE4 cast is Happy ! 8D

The Merchant showing his...merchandise! XD

Sneaky Ada is snneeeaaakyyyy.....

and I...JIZZED IN MY PAAANTTTTSSS !! (like...for real XD)

Lovely couple, eh?


Chris needs his daily dose of steroids...hurr hurr XD

You're going to die Wesker ! Hahahaahaha !

3 Alexias this year @____@ but Sam is the more kick-ass of course (in the middle)

Ze bad guys !

Ze bad guys again!


Sam being badass as Alexia 8D

That Alfred was so cute ><

Rear view of Clairessssssss

Front view of Clairesssssssssss

And this closes the RE group photoshoot. I'll post the pictures of my private photoshoot another day ^^;

Sep. 3rd, 2010


Otakon 2010 pictures !! (Thursday-Friday)

I know I'm kinda late with this, but I decided to post pictures from my trip to Otakon 2010, Baltimore, Maryland :)

Like last year, I mostly took pictures of the Resident Evil photoshoots. And of my two awesome American friends Hope and Sam! <333 Thank you girls for hanging out with me ^____^

So, here we go !

This year, we were 20 friends going to Otakon! Our friend who was organizing the trip was our bus driver. And this is our awesome Otakon mini-bus ! 8D

Still early in the morning, people are tired but excited nonetheless :)

Awww yeah, chillin' out ! (it's me btw XD)

Friday! First day of the con. I'm sporting my battle mode outfit and not complaining about the heat XD I finally meet my friend Hope from DeviantArt!! (heard her screaming my name while I was in an escalator XD) Sooooooo nice to finally meet her ! She's such a sweetheart with a big mouth XD Her Claire outfit was awesome too and I was surprised at how, she also looked like Claire ^^

Hope and her friend Sam from North Carolina (I think?) I didn't know her, but she was also fun to hang out with and her Alexia cosplay was just PERFECT! GOSH! *____*

Claire is not too happy to stand beside the bitch who killed her pretty boy!

Dah awesome trio! We're so bitchin'!

I'll now post pictures from our little photo session that I didn't put on my DeviantArt account :

Claire VS Alexia! Who would win??

Claire enjoying the good weather :3

Weeeee!! Windy ! 8D

And here's some random pictures and the first Resident Evil photoshoot:

Awesome HUNK standing in the stairs, waiting for orders.

OH NOES! Chris and Jill turned into zombies! Quick, let's kill them before they return in more shit-ass games !!

Even RE characters can be hungry...Claire and Alexia went to order nom-nom while fat Sheva went WTF at their sight XD



OH! ZE SHINY EXTINGUISHER !! Better not forget it, or Chris will be pissed at me!

Before the first RE photoshoot! Awesome cosplayers roaming around and talking. (THAT BILLY WAS HORRIBLE, I CAN TELL Y'ALL !!)

Very pwetty DSC-RE2 Claire *_____*

ASHFORDS !! God, I was so excited to see them! 8D

Kick-ass Redfields !

First and most awesome Carlos cosplayer I ever seen ! He was so in-character, it was funny XD

RE1 cast !

RE2 cast !

Nemmy and Carlos: BFF !!

Some RE3 Jills

RE4 cast!

WOW. A nice looking RE2 Leon !

RE5 cast!

All the male characters

Pretty nice BSAA Chris and Jill :)

Alfred being awesome with his lugers <3

Ouuuu...so gay!

Claire and Alfred rockin' out !!

One of my fav pictures! Wesker's face is PRICELESS!!

And I'll stop there for now. I'll post more pictures another time ^^

Jul. 6th, 2010


I'm too sexy for my....umbrella?

Little update on my new cosplay for this year's Otakon!

As you may know (I mentioned it in the previous post), I'll cosplay as Claire biker/battle mode from Code:Veronica. The costume is going well. Yesterday, I went to see my friend who sewed the actual outfit. She wanted me to try it on, so we could make the right modifications, if needed.

And it actually need modification. Just the top though. It's not long enough and doesn't stick to the skin so, I kinda feel insecure with it XD (and since the outfit is already revealing, no need to reveal even more XD) So, we'll add a white elastic band at the hem of the top, so it'll fit me more and it'll be a bit longer that way. My friend will also add some white fabric where the top is kinda...transparent ^^; Other than that, we'll have to add the Umbrella logo/crest to the top and it will be done :)

The shorts were perfect, just need to add the Umbrella writing on each side. I'll pay someone I know to do it :) He's the guy who made the back of my CV vest :) He does awesome things.

So, here's a preview picture of the outfit, what's been done so far :

I also bought brown leather gloves from ebay. They look very nice! Can't wait to get them, so we can cut the fingers! (poor gloves XD)

and I got my red and white umbrella the other week. The guy who'll do the writing on my shorts will also write Umbrella on the umbrella :)

That's about it for now. Still have to find sunglasses though. Otakon is in 3 weeks! GAAAAH !!

Jun. 6th, 2010


RE game collection + cosplay update

I felt like taking pretty pictures of my Resident Evil game collection 8D

Overall, what is missing is my RE4 game on GameCube which my brother took from me. Not that I mind that much...oh and I forgot to put RE:Gaiden on GameBoy Advance XD

and I don't have : RE1 on PS1, RE: Gun Survivor 1 and 2, RE: Outbreak 2 and.....I "technically" don't have RE:Deadly Silence on NDS. (I have it on a flash card :P )

I sadly bought the collector edition of RE5, which I still haven't played XD

You can also see the Japanese Collector Edition of Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles. Really nice package. I bought it since they didn't release a collector edition of the English version.

No, you're not seeing things XD I DO have 3 versions of Code:Veronica lol First one, being the GameCube version, first one that I bought. However, I had played at the original one on Dreamcast long before. Then, after, you can see the 5th Anniversary version on PS2, that comes with a demo of Devil May Cry. I bought it since it wasn't expensive XD

and finally, the original version in Japanese in that beautiful red casing! Man, I love it. I needed the original version anyway. But....after playing it again...it really feels empty comparing to the CVX version XD

I bought RE2 and RE3 on Dreamcast a long time ago :) Man, how many times did I play these two? XD I friggin' love them and I think it's about time I start some new RE2 games :)


I also want to talk about my new cosplay for this year's Otakon :)

I decided to do Claire's alternate outfit in the Battle Game of Code:Veronica.

That sexy outfit? XD Yes sir!

So far I don't have much done. I asked my friend to do the shorts and top cuz there's no way I would be able to do that myself XD

We found the right boots though!

Go-Go boots for the WIN!! XD

I also bought today a red and white umbrella from ebay 8D

Otherwise, I'm bringing back my Claire Code:Veronica-Darkside Chronicles outfit from last year, but with modifications :)

I'll have cowboy boots this time (even though you can't see them that much under her jeans), the collar of the vest will be straightened up and I'll try to find a better belt buckle :)

I also bought some kick-ass plastic uzis to go with that outfit! Cuz yeah, in CV, you can fire with 2 guns!!

<3 <3 <3

And that's about it for now :)

May. 10th, 2010


Biohazard Darkside Chronices Artbook Scans

I finally got my copy of the RE:DSC artbook, directly from Japan! Yoohoooo! I felt like scanning some pages (it's 200 page-big after all...) that I thought were awesome. So, enjoy! More will probably come. (sorry for the more-or-less good quality scans...it's really hard to scan the book properly)

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