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Steve Burnside cosplay

I talked about it last year; my new cosplay for this year's Otakon will be Steve Burnside from Resident Evil Code:Veronica and Darkside Chronicles ! (actually doing his Darkside design)

I'm VERY hyped about it. I dunno if it's because of the cross-dressing or because I find it funny that people can think that I'm actually a guy XD (so far, I've been told that I do convincing boys XD)

And well, with Claire, Steve is my favourite character, so, that kinda helps XD I've loved the boy for more than 10 years. I just love his look. He's very different from the other RE male characters, since he's not part of a certain armed force. He's a prisoner and a civilian. So, his design is pretty cool and with Darkside, they made him look a bit more wild and punk-ish by making him wear a silver earring (left ear) and having a prisoner tattoo and his jacket collar popped.

So, now, with the progress of my cosplay. I hadn't done much, but today I took the time to look for things like the yellow shirt and accessories.

I'll post the official design picture from Darkside:

So, his outfit is composed of:

-Yellow shirt
-Prisoner short-sleeved jacket
-Camo pants
-Work/army boots
-Leather wristbands
-Prisoner chocker
-Semi-short ginger/brown hair
-Green eyes
-Silver earring
-Brown belt with bull skull buckle
-Codebar tattoo
-Submachine guns OR luger

So far, I have the wig (which needs to be cut), the yellow shirt, the silver earring, the buckle and the submachine guns. I have to commission the jacket and most probably the wristbands. I almost found the camo pants, but they were too tight (damnit!)

I took some pictures of what it looks like so far. (I was really lazy, did it in front of my bathroom mirror...sorry about that XD)

Wig and yellow shirt 8D I'm wearing an elastic bandage under to hide my boobs. I didn't do it very tight so it doesn't look as good as it should be.

Steve is such a camwhore !!

The beautifuuull earring!

With my denim jacket just to see how it would look like....

Shot of earring with jacket collar <3

With my boyfriend's sleeveless jacket. This is actually for one of Steve's alternate outfits that I might do at home (not at cons). Notice how boobless I am! XD


OH! GENDERSWAP!! Steve turned into...Stephanie !!!

She's a camwhore too....


And of course, I'll have the submachine guns I bought last year for my Claire cosplay. I know that the golden lugers are most often attributed to Steve than the submachine...but in the game, he has the submachine guns way longer than the lugers, so...

Check these BABIES !!



and that's it for now. I'll post more once more stuff gets done :)


Oh wow, your cosplay looks great so far! I can't wait to see the finished product.
Thanks !! Oh me too, I can't wait XD