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Silent Hill/Resident Evil Crossover

I'm not trying to copy angelhellraiser's ideas (she started posting her own SH/RE crossover inspired story), but since I've been in a big mood for Silent Hill (been playing the games, rewatched the movie the other day), I got this great idea for a crossover of the two universes.

But unlike angelhellraiser, my story will focus mainly on Claire and her new adventure, leading her directly in Silent Hill (I'll probably include some characters from SH and a few from RE).

I always found sad that they never really focused on the emotional side of the characters in RE. You would think that after everything they went through, they would be a bit...traumatized or shaken.

Beside being my favourite female character, I think that Claire would fit in the Silent Hill universe. Unlike the others, she's just a civilian, a college student who ended up in terrible situations. Sure she's strong, but I'm pretty sure that after everything, even worst after witnessing someone dear to her die, she would be a bit traumatized. So, I think she's the perfect character to be influenced by the town of Silent Hill.

While I want to write a story, I want to do first the monster creation (drawing, description, attacks, symbolism) and the character designs with some bits of the story. The story will come after.

I already have some scenes and the beginning in mind , but I have to think about a nice twist (SH has always been about twists, so...).

I think it will look a lot like the movie and SH2. I don't want to use the same monsters/themes, so I'm trying to figure out what kind of Otherworld would represent Claire's state of mind/fears/desires and what she's really looking in Silent Hill.

I already determined 4 monsters, I did a quick sketch of each and written down some notes about what they represent.

I don't think it would really spoil the story if I talk a bit about each:

Like I wrote before, the monsters are the reflections of Claire's personal Hell. The story would take place probably before Degeneration (which is not obliged to happen), and after CVX of course.


The Lovers

Description: The Lovers is the naked body of a man fused/attached to the naked body of a woman by the head and upper body. They look as if they're kissing. Their arms are placed on the other side of their bodies and insteads of hands, they end as long, large and sharp blades. They're hairless and feature-less except for their mouths which are fused together. They make moaning and smooshing sounds when they approach you.

Attacks: The Lovers will use their blades to slash you. They can also do a spin attack by spinning their attached bodies like a tornado, which deals a lot of damage if you get too close. Luckily, because of the way their bodies are attached, they're quite slow. It's better to avoid them than to fight them, since their vital parts are hidden.

Symbolism: The Lovers represent Claire's fear of having a romantic relationship with someone. After what happened to Steve, Claire is afraid to fall in love with someone and relive the tremendous pain of losing that lover whether by a break-up or by that said-lover dying. They also represent Claire's current sexual frustration, as she never got to be with someone after the events in Antarctic. And they could also represent the jealousy Claire has toward some of her friends and co-workers as they're all dating or married to someone.


Description: Prisoners have a human form, generally male, which is very skinny, to the point of anorexia. You can clearly see their spinal column, ribs and other bones. They're hairless and their face shows a horrible grimace of pain and torment. Their fingers are long and sharp like razors and instead of feet, their legs end with chains and iron balls like stereotypical prisoners. They can't walk because of their lack of "feet", so they crawl, the clanking of the chains and their endless wailing announcing their presence.

Attacks: Despite the weight they must pull, Prisoners can be fast and will move their legs rapidly to hit you with their iron balls. If they manage to hit you, you immediately fall on your knees, which allows them to slash you with their sharp fingers.

Symbolism: Prisoners represent how Claire is prisoner of her guilt and pain caused by her past experiences, mainly Steve's death. The weight they carry represent the weight Claire has on her shoulders (of her guilt). They could also be a representation of Steve as he was turned into a prisoner because of his father. Their anorexic form represents Claire's lack of hunger and sleep after the events in Raccoon City and RockFort island/Antarctica.

The Sufferer

Description: The Sufferer is the physical manifestation of Steve Burnside in his "Tyrant"/infected form, albeit smaller (about 6.3 ft high). He looks a lot like how he transformed in Antarctica, his head and face keeping his human appearence. However, his blood-red hair hides most of his face and his mouth is sealed-shut with metal stiches. His hunched back shows an evergrown spinal column and many bone-like spikes. His mid-section shows a huge gaping hole-like wound and his whole body is pierced with steel bars, metal spears, needles and other long sharp objects which make him bleed continuously. He carries a huge axe with him.

Attacks: The Sufferer mainly attacks with his axe, but if it gets stuck in a wall or if he drops it, he can remove a steel bar from his body and use it as a weapon. He's quite strong and has a very large range of attack, but he's slow. It's better to avoid him.

Symbolism: This horrid manifestation of Steve shows up many times and follows Claire like a hunter to remind her of the fact that she couldn't save him from the virus and from his inevitable death. His mouth is stitched because Claire secretly wished that Steve hadn't confessed his love to her before dying as it had brought her more pain than anything else. The wounds on his body and the different metal objects piercing it represent Claire's pain and the suffering she felt after he had died. The hole in his stomach obviously represents the main cause of Steve's death.


Description: Mothmen are giant moths (size of a big cat) which have the torso and head of a human female. The rest of the body is missing, so intestines are hanging from the torso. They have moth wings which show many human eyes that constantly move. They're hairless and have antennas. And their own eyes are bulged out, almost on the verge of falling down.

Attacks: They use their scream to attack people as it paralyzes its victim for a few seconds, allowing them the time to get closer and feed. They also use tendrils coming out of their torso to grab limbs and choke its victim. They can also spit poison.

Symbolism: Mothmen aren't very meaningful, they mostly appear to annoy and slow down Claire. They could represent her disgust toward moths and other insects, thanks to her adventure in Antarctica. They remind her of the giants moths that she discovered there.

And I'll stop here for now. I'll write another entry about the characters, a bit of the story and other monsters (that I have to think about XD).

I'll draw the monsters and put those details on DA. Same with the characters.

I hope it sounds interesting XD


Sounds extremely interesting. You put a lot of thought into Claire's monsters!
Thank you ^^

Oh, I barely thought about those, it just popped in my mind and it made sense lol

I'll have to think about more...but I don't want too many monsters anyway.

I have to think about the story lol
You're welcome. :)
I can't wait to get a hold of this!!!!!!! <333333
The Lovers and The Sufferer. -huggles them- SOOO AWESOME!

I am thinking about my little one-shot of Claire waking up in Silent Hill lol. It would be based directly in the Degen. time-line when she'd been knocked unconscious by the explosion at that facility in Harvardville. She'll wake up with an injured leg in the middle of a fog... no idea what's going on or where she is. XDDDD It won't be as intense with the monsters as yours will. Mine will mainly be revealing some secret sides of Claire's past she wouldn't want ANYONE to know lol.
Haha XD
I shall work on those drawings soon :3

haha I'm glad you like them! wait till you see them <3

Oooh...that's interesting! Hmmm....I want to know those SECRETS of hers ! >8D

Will this story be in "Roads" or is it really a one-shot?