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Nov. 21st, 2009


Darkside Chronicles : The Great Adventure!

Yes! I finally got the game last Thursday! I wanted to make a special entry retelling my wonderful day! So, here we go!

8:30 am : I am impatiently attending my boring morning class, constantly thinking about DarkSide Chronicles and wondering if my store got it. I really need a coffee.

It wasn't a good idea since I was already REALLY hyped in anticipation, so I was even more hyped with the coffee! I was shaking and I couldn't even sit calmly on my chair! I couldn't wait till the end of the class! I then started to make doodles in my notebook to calm me a bit.....

You can see my state of mind at that moment XD

Since I had seen the 2 first Code Veronica cutscenes before playing the game, I couldn't help to not doodle something that made me laugh in the computer scene XD

Maybe it's just me, but Claire is already a tease to Steve from the very beginning! She's showing her ass but she even WIGGLES it when she says "Just tell me....<3" I found that so funny XD

So, that's what I doodled if you don't understand XD

11:23 am : Class is over!! Yay! I can finally call at my store! Taking my cellphone, I call and I am greeted by my wonderful boss. I think he knew why I was calling XD He then tells me that he sold my copy.... >__>;.....but since I know he's a jerk, I knew he was lying and when he finally told me he got it, I'm sure I had that sort of face:

Yeah XD

BUT ! I had to stay for my second class ;___;

So I spent the lunchtime on a real state of fangirl in heat. I could barely eat! And I had to go online or something to extract a bit of my excitement!

1:00 pm : My second class. Still VERY excited. I had to leave around 3:30 pm if I wanted to have enough time to get to my store before my boss would leave. He's the only one who can sell it to me.

My teacher gives me back a homework and an exam. I have HORRIBLE marks on both. I am very pissed off, but my excitement for DSC couldn't bring me down!

3:25 pm : We finish the class early! HOORAAAYY!! I quickly take my stuff and I almost run out of the University!

3:35 pm : I get to the subway. That thing is taking FOREVER! But I'll make it in time!

4:20 pm : I finally arrive at the mall where my EBGames store is!

What a lovely sight!

I enter the place, almost dancing and I spot my boss. I then grin at him and I ask him about the T-Shirt. I get 2 since we only had 2 pre-orders and we had like 10 t-shirts! YAY!!

I also take the opportunity to buy some games that I had put aside for me: RECVX 5th anniversary edition on PS2 (with the Devil May Cry demo) and a perfectly mint RE3 on PS1 ! Both are 5 bucks, no big deal! <3

Finally at the cash, my boss seems so PLEASED to sell the game to me! :

Look at that!!! This is SO fake though XD My boss usually scares people. But he's also scary like that....

5:15 pm : I finally get back home after holding the game like a baby in the subway. I keep the game sealed till I get to my friend's place.

5: 20 pm : I take a cold shower. I'm TOO excited, it's scary XD

5:25 pm : I finally put on my Claire cosplay 8D Oh man, I can't wait to play! I spend some time on the computer.

6:15 pm : It's time for me to go! I go to the grocery store to buy a pizza and other stuff for dinner.

6:30 pm: I am at my friend's apartment building. I call her from downstairs, making some nice Alfred imitation. She laughs and comes down to open the door.

6:35 pm : We start to prepare the food when I realize I forgot some stuff. Gotta go back to my place. (backtracking a la RE XD )

6:50 pm: We finally get to eat! Like old times, we eat pizza 8D

7:15 pm : After we're done, I ask my friend to take some photos to celebrate the whole thing:

*INSERT ZELDA THEME : TAA DAAA DAAAA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH !!!* Yooohooo! I finally have the game after 8 months of waiting !

Claire is SO FUCKING happy to have the game and can't wait to play it !!

We also take pictures of us with the zombie T-Shirt given from GameStop! :

The camera is a bit off, but it's so goddamn funny nonetheless! XD!

My friend, Nury, makes a really nice zombie! XD

OH NOES! Claire turned into a zombie!

And finally, since playing would be nostalgic, I ask my friend to do a remake of a photo of us, that we took like 9 years ago XD :

OMG!! XD This is us when we were like 15 ! XD

And here's the remake version :P :

Okay, we still look like TOTAL RETARDS XD

So yeah, fun time XD But the real fun was to begin!!

So, from around 8:00 pm to 12:30 am we played DSC! IT WAS A BLAST!

We really had fun and laughed at a lot of things XD (like Alfred and shooting "Trenchy" with the bowgun XD)

But, since we played on my friend's Wii, we couldn't transfer the game file. So, the day after, I had to redo the whole game alone! XD;

Playing alone is fun, but with someone else, it's also very nice! (even though I wanted to smack my friend after she said some bad comments about Steve D:< NO ONE INSULT MAH STEVE!!)

So yeah, that was it. I'll have to finish the game with my friend since we got halfway in the CV scenario. But on my side, I finished it ;)

I am currently playing at Hard to get extra stuff 8D

Oh and....I have to finish with Steve's best line:

"Claire, you like to swing?"


XD So priceless! I LOVE YOU STEVE! <3

Nov. 5th, 2009


Final Darkside Chronicles Trailer Screenshots 8D

The final trailer of DSC was finally released today and I took some time to take screenshots of it ^^

 (trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgMDjcVQu4M )

So, time for some screens !

Chris watching intensely a knife....is that a blood stain? Wouldn't it be....Chris's blood??? *gasp*

Oooooh....smexy Ada! She's enjoying that, is she? >8D

Oh GASP! We can almost see her panties! D8   (I'm still surprised they didn't rate the game for suggestive themes ^^; )

Claire being the bad-ass girl she is <3

OH NOES! Pedobear found you, Sherry !! D8 (oh and Claire has looovely legs 8D-- )

Close-up of Krauser. What beautiful blue eyes XD

Claire taking a walk in the Palace, quite oblivious of the little red dot on her head XD

and here's Stevie for sum SURPRISE BUTT-SMEX!

Hum no, I think he just wants to save her....


Oh, it wasn't Pedobear....but Irons with a big knife....I think it's even scarier D8

She's on fire....the girl's on FIRE !! (or rather: Burn, baby, burn! DISCO INFERNO!!)

I have to admit, seeing RE2 Claire and Leon makes me kinda fuzzy inside 8D

*EXPLODES IN CANDIES* the CV fangirl is me is sooooooooooo squealing seeing that CV scene !! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You two are just beautiful ! ;____;

  Admit it Claire: you want to raep him RIGHT NOW 8D

Chris and Claire escaping from the Antarctic base in flames.

Seeing something interesting, Claire?

ITS WESKAH !!! but he's not laughing like some maniac....

A nice shot of handsome Burnside about to jump on his prey! <3

A Digimon-like big-ass monster.....probably the final boss of the South America scenario....


What have they done to you, Alexia?? You look RETARDED XD

  WTF is the Joker doing in the game??? XD

Oh and here's some exclusive screenshots of Steve in his mutated form :



And that's it for now folks ! The game is coming out in less than 2 weeks ! WOOT !!


Aug. 19th, 2009


More DarkSide Chronicles Screenshots

IGN released some high-quality screenshots from DarkSide Chronicles. They show things we didn't see from the new trailer.

Alfred is so awesome.....

A shot of the Antarctica base.

"Oh, hum....the plane is trashed...." Yeah, nice deduction, Steve :P (I hope they didn't skip that scene right before he says that >< ! )

Beeeeeennnnn !!! And who's with you??

Claire is really nice looking in that shot 8D

Look whose arm this is ! Yeah, Mister Redfield finally gets to see his sister groping the naked dead body of a 17-year-old !  Joke aside, I was expecting this to happen actually. If you read the novel, you also know that Chris saw that scene after Steve dies. I wonder what he'll say....

 and notice Steve's veins on his neck....probably a result of his forceful mutation.

 but....Claire, where are your tears??? Don't tell me Capcom still aren't capable to make tears??? XD

 You can see more screenshots on the website of IGN.com 

I just posted those that interested me X3;

Aug. 18th, 2009


DarkSide Chronicles new trailer screenshots !!

Okay....I actually had to pause the trailer to laugh at this ! For at least one minute!  XD (I think Capcom finally realized that RE was rated "M" and thus, could allow SEXUAL and SUGGESTIVE themes XD Claire's ass is pretty detailed in my opinion....XD ) *has really naughty thoughts*

"Hmmmm.....how interesting...."

....and Steve's face didn't help things!! XD (doesn't he look like Asian here? XD)

and here, I present you............

FAT LEON !!!!!

   I mean, look at him!!! XD!!!!

BEEEENNNNN!!!!!! He was one of my favourite random characters from RE!! T___T

  Watch your back, boy!

and now things get spicy between Claire and Steve!! (oh man, I am enjoying this!! 8D )

hmmm....a sweet move from Claire. Is it me, or does she have a French manicure??? XD

Hmm....Steve, most likely after the crash of the snowmobile, outside...and Claire is still inside. He's probably trying to protect her again, from Alexia's tentacles. Oh Steve, you're so brave!

Oh god Steve, how can you be even more handsome when you die?? <3 (and why is he still wearing his earring after his mutation? I'll probably laugh when I'll see a giant green Tyrant wearing earrings XD)

 and I do agree with the director or whatever....the look of their eyes is just awesome! it really brings them to life

Oh-oh! A little difference from the original scene...Steve is, this time, touching Claire's face (and lips....) Will we witness a before-death kiss, here? I hope so! You better do it, Burnside!!!

 It kinda makes me laugh though...so far, I had some predictions/expectations from the CV scenario, and they're all mostly true....so, if this keeps going, I'll think that Capcom is really stalking me, reading my stories and my conversations with people oAo;;;

THERE HE IS !!! SteroidsMan before he took steroids!! Chris Redfield is back, people!!! (but you still have an ugly face XD )

and finally, the mighty Alfred who lost his girly voice T___T (why????)

Claire, being tentacle-raped....yep.

Steve's father....(so, it does have a scene with his father! )

and now, some Burnside candy-for-the-eye screens ;)

Hot in here, Steve? I would be, if I were around >8D (and man, you're gorgeous...guess you'll have more fans this time )

Hmm...what a lovely couple! (they like it with guns!)

Steve beside the corpse of his father

 and that's it for now :P

 I am so fangirlising right now! I've been waiting for more than 9 years for THIS !!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul. 22nd, 2009


More Otakon Pics!


  PARRRTTTNNEEERRRR !!! (They were both awesome looking!)

Group Pic from the second photoshoot (Saturday) (why I am surrounded by Leons!!! TAT)


That Degeneration Claire was awesome <3

  What a bunch of nice gals 8D

Men in Black!


RE1 cast :3

Yeah! An Excella cosplayer! She was pretty nice

RE2-3 cast. There was an Annette! But no Sherry ;__;

Trio of CV Claire !! Who would you pick? The 3 of them? You pervert !!

lawl, me doing my model XD

Oh yeah, Wesker is well surrounded! (I'm talking about HUNK, of course!)

Lawl Ashley and Krauser make a nice couple here XD

XD! That scene was so funny XD

That Wesker was a bit....too happy....

Awesome pose and cosplayers!

RE5 cast

Awesome Wesker! (it's a girl actually...) So much more reasons to be gay for Wesker! 8D


RAWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR!!!! (that Wesker cosplayer was also nice, love the faces he was making XD)

OH NOES!!!! (just do it, Mister Alligator....)

Will Chris make it? I don't think so ~~~

Some Degeneration luv! (For once, a not-constipated Leon ! XD)

Go for it, girl!!! DO IT !!!! DO IT FOR MEH!! >8D



Jul. 21st, 2009




  My boyfriend and Pedobear....not sure where this is going.....

Me and Nemmy....HAPPY RAEPING TIME!!! 8D

  Becca taking care of my wounds. What a nice gal :3

Becca having a good time with Nemmy ^^


Some RE cosplayers at the first photoshoot

Hrrrm....*confliction* that Leon had a nice body and he kept looking at me ¬___¬; You understand I couldn't kick him

Licker trying to sell a green herb to the merchant....

That Alice cosplayer was so nice with me :3 she lent me one of her guns for the photoshoot ^___^

Moar cosplayers! That Barry was really cool :D

Who wants a Jill sandwich? Oh nom nom nom

Licker x Tofu: THE BEST RE COUPLE!!!!!!!

An old-style CV Claire cosplayer :3 Her costume was pretty awesome, I have to admit :P


Adas. I like especially the left one :P

Some Wesssskeeerrsss....

Moar Weskers !

Other cosplayers :3



RE5 cast!

Me and my stalker! Lol nah, actually a friend of mine with whom I was chatting on Yahoo messenger years ago o___O

Me and my friend Yaya who was cosplaying Miria from the manga Claymore :3 Badass girls FTW!!

A nice Alyssa from Silent Hill (is that her right name? XD; )

Awesome Neo !

 I'll stop here before LiveJournal explodes and it doesn't want to submit my photos. I'll post moar after !

May. 4th, 2009


Photos de l'expo !

Salut gang!

 J'espère que j'écris pas dans le beurre là! (je crois que je vais envoyer un e-mail à tout le monde....)

 Je vais enfin mettre les photos que j'ai prises la journée de l'expo ! =D

  Marc faisant son entrée....

Bwahaha, photo surprise !

Gisèle qui fit avec son mur de thé ! 8D

C'est avec joie qu'Émilie enlace ce charmant chevalet !

Ça travaille, ça travaille !

Emijie, la dictatrice, demandant audiance !

Gisèle faisait ce qu'elle fait de mieux: boire du thé ! 8D

Réal nous montre une facette cachée de sa personnalité !


Mmmm...le beau buffet...qu'on pouvait pas manger ! T___T

Que de sérieux !

Mmm....y'a vraiment quelque chose qui cloche avec la BD de Benoit....freaky...

Julien aidait à poser l'affiche de Patricia

Coucou Ben!

Kasia et son neveu, je crois?

Nicoco faisait une tronche à la...Nicoco (mais moi je trouve que tu as plus l'air d'un vendeur d'aspirateurs XD;)

  Dédicace time !

Coucou les filles !

Usant de mes skills de sniper en herbes, j'ai réussi à snapper une photo de Emijie à partir de ma table sans qu'elle s'en aperçoive, kukuku.....

Mouais....j'ai vraiment l'air d'une tite fille qui se fait prendre en photo avec toutes les mascotes de Walt Disney World XD; (au moins, ya pas un Jafar qui a essayé de m'étrangler cette fois-ci....)

Brochette humaine !  (eh boy, c'est ma méga sacoche qui ressort le plus! XD)

Et pour finir le tout en beauté:

Oooooh...quelle grâce ! (Chalifour serait fier)

Apr. 19th, 2009


Ahh la la....

Ouais, j'ai eu ma réponse pour le DESS en design de jeux de l'Université de Montréal...

ça a l'air que je vais continuer en traduction.

La gang de mes 2! Faire de la BD, c'était sûrement trop cool pour eux !

Mais bon, je suis quand même déçue, mais la vie continue et mes études aussi. Ça veut pas dire que je ne vais pas réessayer l'année prochaine.

 Je vais sûrement aller porter des CV cet été chez Ubisoft et compagnie...peut-être qu'avec un peu de chance....

Je n'ai toujours pas transféré mes photos de l'expo sur mon ordi, et sincèrement, ça me tente vraiment pas en ce moment! Alors, ça va attendre à plus tard cette semaine.

Je réalise toujours pas qu'on a fini le bac.....

Apr. 7th, 2009


FINI! F.I.N.I. ! FFFF IIIIIIIIIIII NNNNNNNNN IIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!! (vous avez compris...)

AW YEAH!!!! *danse en rond*


 Mais bon...elle est chez l'imprimeur en ce moment et je ne serai satisfaite que quand je vais voir le tout bien broché et brillant de mille feux! =D

Donc. Ça faisait longtemps que j'avais pas updaté le blog (faute de ne plus avoir de vie et de faire synthèse 20 heures par jour)

 Alors, j'ai décidé de mettre quelques trucs comme.......


 Wooooooooow....que c'est beau! J'y ai mis le paquet vu que c'est ça qui est vendeur et quoi de mieux que de mettre un corps mort, du sang et des cables douteux au sol.... =D

 Ah et le titre a été fait à la main (oui, oui!) et a été scanné et arrangé dans photoshop. Une bonne idée de Réal, alors merci !

 Je ne mettrai pas mes planches finales, vous lirez la BD au complet!!

 Mais j'ai fait d'autres comparaisons entre des photos que j'ai prises de moi avec ma super webcam et mes dessins finaux. C'est assez drôle de voir la différence...moi passant à un mec barbu...ouais...



HEE HEE!  (bulle au cerveau)

 Alors voilà. Je vais avoir mes BD imprimées demain (mercredi). J'espère qu'elles vont bien sortir....

 Sinon, va juste rester l'expo la semaine prochaine! J'ai hâte de voir le projet de tout le monde! :3

Enfin...je peux dormir plus....

Sur ce, je vous laisse avec des belles tronches de moi:


Ouais...c'est ça que ca fait quand on fait le cours de Synthèse....

Ça fait peur.....

Mar. 27th, 2009



Crayonné : 17/17
Encrage: 17/17
Lettrage : 18/18
Couleur: 0.15/17
Chocolat ingurgité: Au moins 1600 g
Poids gagné: O lbs. C'est bizarre ça...

 BOOOOOOOOOOOWAAAAAAAAH!!! J'ai enfin fini mon foutu encrage!!! OH YESH!!! Et j'ai aussi fini le lettrage! ><

 Va rester quelques modifications pour la disposition des textes. J'ai envoyé un PDF à Réal pour qu'il corrige mes fautes (je ne crois pas en avoir fait...mais on sait jamais...)

 Donc, ce qui me reste à faire: LES TONS DE GRIS + COULEURS! YAAAAY!!!

 en....4 jours....17 pages....

et me reste à dessiner, encrer et colorier la page couverture aussi...(faut pas l'oublier!)

 J'ai trop mal aux mains en ce moment, alors je vais probablement faire ma page couverture demain matin.

Oh et, pour imiter Gisèle, parce que j'ai juste ça à faire, je veux montrer un dessin qu'une de mes bonnes amies des États-Unis a fait de mon personnage principal, Lawrence:

   <3 <3 <3

 J'aurais du lui demander de faire ma bande dessinée tant qu'à ça.....

 J'aime tellement son style. Elle me réserve une autre surprise et j'espère l'avoir pour l'exposition....Je me croise les doigts pour que cela fonctionne! ><

 Ah pis....tant qu'à ça, je vais mettre des photos de moi déguisée en Lawrence (pendant la premier rapport d'étape à la dernière session)


 Ces photos sont une gracieuseté d'Emjie en passant !  :>
Avouez...la ressemblance est frappante!

Et je me trouve salement beau en mec!

Sur ce! Dodo time! Bonne nuit et essayons de survivre la fin de semaine qui s'en vient.....

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